Aug 13-14 – Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair

oregon cannabis growers fair

Oregon’s First Cannabis Growers Fair

Over 60 Grows will be showcasing their “Live” Cannabis plants. For the first time ever Oregon’s producers will be able to display live plants at the Cannabis Fair. Oregon is slated to be the premiere “Craft Cannabis” model state and this is an opportunity to view these live plants as well as meet the growers. We are bringing together the industry under one roof to learn from “master growers” share ideas, new technology, review rules and regulations, learn about testing and much more.

August 13-14th, 2016

2 Comments on “Aug 13-14 – Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair”

  1. Tracy Beavers

    I’d like to learn more about this event. I’ve got a client in the valuation business who wants opportunities to meet the serious manufacturers and distributers in the business.

    My website will be back up in a week, I’m changing servers.

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