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Interview with Drew Milburn, CEO

Drew Milburn, the CEO of M4 Solutions LLC, didn’t believe in cannabis for a long, long time. He was brought up in the propaganda machine that instilled the idea that marijuana was a very bad thing. So what on earth brought him to being a CEO of a cannabis company?

I’ll get to that.

Drew grew up in Kentucky on a dairy farm. He joined the Marine Corps and sacrificed 12 years of his life in service to his country. Wanting to taste the open road after a string of tours, he got into custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. With the economic downturn of the time, however, he turned back to farming, this time without the cows…

In California in 2005, Drew encountered cannabis farmers having a heck of a hard time knowing exactly how to get the business of their grow, up-to-speed with the manufacturing sector. Drew grew up knowing how to do this and helped several businesses flourish through his expertise.

Loving the momentum of the industry, he thought he’d play a hand in the cannabis market himself and opened his own dispensary in North Hollywood. But California at that time was a hot mess, lacking regulatory oversight and clear rules. It made it difficult for anyone to be as successful as they could be, so Drew turned his sites to Colorado.

He chose to open a dispensary in Colorado Springs because it was a center of military life that held a special place in his heart.

You know, I left out something important. I should have said that Drew opened the first dispensary in Colorado Springs. This is important because of who Drew is. Consider he’s a veteran, a farmer, a conservative…so he spoke the language of the local community. He wasn’t afraid or held any trepidation in opening a legal place of business that would serve to uplift the population in this conservative space.

Think about that. It’s important to understand for the whole industry. Drew is part of the rebranding of marijuana and the cannabis space needs allies like him. When people like Drew are speaking, the typical naysayers hear their own language and are therefore more open to listening and understanding, rather than being closed off at the first sight of representatives of the industry that they can’t relate to. Most certainly the first sight of tie-dye sends them to a closed off space. And while the tide has turned and mainstream marijuana is flowing in, the undercurrent of stereotyping and illegitimacy is a strong force to contend with.

But Drew says, “We have a responsibility as an organization to be great stewards of our trade and industry.”

I find that tremendously inspiring and uplifting. Don’t you?

So Drew became a convert. Changing his mind about cannabis after everything he’d been taught was a hard pill to swallow, but a healthy one. He saw what cannabis was doing for people. He saw it improving the quality of their lives, easing their pain, calming their tremors, and giving them hope. He even convinced his parents to use CBD infused topical ointment for their physical ailments. They’ll be able to access whole plant medicine if medical passes in their state.

Amazing right? That he even managed to bring the “power of cannabis” to the remote regions of a Kentucky. That’s just plain awesome if you ask me.

And all of this is how M4 Solutions LLC got its start…Not bad eh?

Drew created M4 Solutions a turnkey operation that takes small business where they want to go.

  • Need staff? They’ll hire them and train them for you.
  • Need to set up a grow, dispensary, extraction facility, or other cannabis related business? They’ll walk you through it step-by-step, or just do it all for you.
  • Need help getting started with a business or streamlining your manufacturing? They have the expertise and experience to help you do it right.
  • Need someone for just one phase, or an operative for the long term? Yes, yes, they offer that and everything inbetween.

There’s a lot more, but I can’t list it all. Research shows we stop looking at bullets past a certain number anyway, but don’t stop reading! There’s more you should know!

The point to all of this is that Drew wanted to help people. He wanted to help people work together and be successful in their business. He wanted to help ailing patients to have access to their medication. He wanted to build this business with legitimacy and care. And this isn’t just rhetoric, he’s out there working for it.

“We don’t go into this business acting as if it’s a right that we have. We go in and work with cities, not against them.”

He means that. Drew doesn’t have that trepidation, remember? He just goes right on in and visits with local law enforcement and/or city officials and offers them what ends up being an invaluable, mind-changing education. He shows them what the business of cannabis truly is and what positive support it brings communities.

He sympathizes with their positions, “All they see, day in and day out, is illegal operations. They’re out there busting illegal grows and are rightly sceptical of everything their met with. They see everything abused. So I go in there and demystify them on what cannabis and cannabis business really are.”

Not just locally, but Drew gives talks all over the country and in Canada on how to navigate the small business cannabis landscape. He says, “The men and women in this industry can be overcome by small business practices and M4 can mitigate that…a lot better than most.”

I think he’s probably right about that. M4 Solutions LLC seems to be the cadillac of full-service cannabis business solutions. They understand, first-hand, the ways of the trade because they’ve done it and are doing it still. They have their own product lines, several dispensaries all over the western region, and have helped start and grow several businesses into thriving successful companies.

Drew says. “We solve the problems of small businesses before they happen. We not only give businesses the answer, we help them work through the answer.”

So yeah, if you need help in your cannabis business, M4 Solutions will help you…not just with anything, but with everything.

With Drew Milburn CEO at the helm of M4 Solutions LLC, the marijuana industry has earned a powerful force in business and progress—and we are all the better for it.

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