Dec ’16 Florida Conferences

florida conference

Spend a day speaking with Leading Cannabis Industry Professionals.

Meet professionals on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry as they speak at 3 one day conventions in Florida. Rub elbows with other marijuana entrepreneurs as you learn about the following categories*:

  • What is now, next, and how to prepare in a state with legalized cannabis
  • Government Affairs
  • Building Powerful Relationships With Regulators
  • State of Medical Marijuana in Florida
  • Working in the Legal Cannabis Market
  • Application Processing
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Seed To Sale Tracking
  • Government Traceability
  • Marketing – How to create the next big brand in a multi-billion dollar industry
  • Dispensary, Cultivation, and Manufacturing/Processing Best Practices
  • 5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Cannabis Business Before It Gets Started
  • Location, Location, Location: The Importance of Real Estate in the Cannabis Industry

Scheduled Speakers*

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