Michael Miller – President & CEO

michael_millerAt the age of 23, Michael founded National Membership and Retention Consultants which contracted nationally to over 35 Better Business Bureau’s, over the next 17 years NMRC was responsible for building some of the lagest BBB”s in the country. Michael also consulted half a dozen Chamber’s of Commerce, helping them grow by over 40 to 50 %.  He produced and hosted a successful morning radio show “Business Trust Link, Your Link To Trusted Businesses”, as well as, an afternoon radio show “The Competitive Edge” on a Bloomberg and Wall-street Journal station. Since his hire at BioTrackTHC, Michael has helped BioTrackTHC’s become the world leader by building strategic alliances, implementing an extensive social media platform, and cutting edge branding concepts. He is also responsible for building relationships with, and serving as a resource for, members of the medical cannabis community.


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Strainwise Consulting – National Board Member

strainwiseThe founders of Strainwise are aware that the vast majority of medical and recreational retail outlets are owned and managed on a mom-and-pop basis, by operators that sorely need many fulfillment and branding services. Such services are presently beyond the reach (both financially and operationally) for a large majority of retail owners. Such mom-and-pop owners do not have sufficient economies of scale, nor the levels of management sophistication and background to enable them to fully leverage their business opportunity within the marijuana industry.

Experienced in all facets of marijuana business operations. Our history, knowledge & experience is what makes STRAINWISE™, INC. not just the industry leader but also the right consulting and support team to help you maximize your business’ profitability and overall success. The financial dimensions and management capacity of STRAINWISE™ afford the Company with the resources to provide a multitude of fulfillment and branding services to its own vertically integrated captive stores, as well as, to make such services available on a national basis to all operators engaged in the cannabis industry.

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Karl Keich – Seattle Medical Marijuana Association – National Board Member

karl_keichHere at Canna Consulting Group, we want to offer our industry proven expertise to help you secure a successful start, and plan for a productive future in the cannabis industry.

As the founder of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, I have formed relationships with the industries top growers, processors, and producers, continuously striving to carry the highest quality medical marijuana for my customers. My work paid off, and due to my discerning eye for great product, I have established a reputation as one of the industries ‘Top Shelf Dispensaries’ in the State of Washington according to reviews from customers on sites such as WeedMaps, and Yelp.

Myself, and the other cannabis consultants on our team want to provide you with the industry insight that we have acquired through decades of personal experience. We can help you build your garden, select in demand genetics and develop a cultivation schedule to yield the highest production. For processors, we can help you find and distinguish the best cannabis strains with which to infuse your products, as well as product development such as determining appropriate product dosage and testing procedures for a consistent product. Retailers, we can help you with inventory and operations management, security and product selection.

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Leif Olsen – National Board Member – GreenHaus Consulting

leif_olsenLeif Olsen co-founded and eventually sold, Kind Love, one of Colorado’s first and most successful medical marijuana organizations and brands. This seed-to-sale operation is vertically integrated, consisting of multiple grow facilities, retail operations and infusion and extraction facilities. As owner and operator of Kind Love, Olsen logged over 15,000 hours of hands-on operational experience in a number of key areas including: cultivation facility design, harvest and curing design, processing set-up and SOPs, loss prevention, scalability, retail design, work-flow, staffing, vendor sourcing, retail SOPs, packaging, brand development, online and social media marketing. These experiences, combined with his personal commitment to business excellence, have given Olsen the insight and perspective needed to help new operators successfully navigate each phase of the start-up process, from cultivation to retail operations. Olsen is a dedicated, passionate professional whose business and personal mantras are “Good to Great” and “99 isn’t 100.” He believes deeply in the ability for cannabis-based treatments to change people’s lives and is passionate about continuing to help individuals and the cannabis industry as a whole flourish.

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Jay Tittman – National Board Member- Rocky Mountain Business Products

jay_tittmanJay Tittman is the President and owner of Rocky Mountain Business Products (RMBP). His Colorado family owned business opened over 37 years ago. They specialize in Office Supplies, Custom Printing, Promotional Products and Point Of Sale Hardware and Supplies. As a supporter of the Colorado Medicinal Marijuana industry since its inception, their dedicated Cannabis Business Division was established to serve as a single source supplier for the daily business supply needs of professionals in the cannabis industry. Over the past six years, Jay’s experience and knowledge of the industry has established RMBP with a reputation of being well informed in serving the needs of developing and operating cannabis businesses. RMBP currently serves cannabis industry customers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Canada. With a broad spectrum of customers ranging from 100,000 square foot grow facilities to retail dispensaries. Jay’s interactions with hundreds of industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada, gives him a unique insight to the industry and its entrepreneurs


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Noah Stokes – CannaGuardSecurity – National Board Member

noah_stokesCannaGuard Security is a local Northwest cannabis security company based in Lake Oswego Oregon. We specialize in engineering custom security systems specifically for the cannabis industry in Oregon and Washington. In addition to cannabis security systems, we also provide home and general business security systems at OmniGuardSecurity.com.
Key Benefits:

  • We design, sell and install OMMP and Initiative 502 compliant security systems
  • We understand the unique needs that cannabis businesses have securing their businesses
  • We have interactive phone and tablet apps
  • Use cannabis security technology from Brivo, Exacq and Alarm.com
    Web based Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Easy to use access control systems
  • Easily secure high value product cages
  • Integrate your video system with your alarm system
  • IP Video Servers
  • Use dome cameras, fixed lens cameras, pan/tilt lens cameras outdoor/night view cameras
  • Use infrared cameras that can “see in the dark”
  • Always know who is in your facility
  • Watch your employees handle product and cash in real time
  • Keep better track of inventory

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Terry Anderson – National Board Member – The G Element

Terry-Anderson-e1441752079568-150x150Born and raised in the Milwaukee, WI. Area, Terry received a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1961. After working for others in sales, engineering, and management positions, Terry and his wife Nancy, started Omni Tech Corp in July of 1978 as a manufacturer’s representatives organization. They sold industrial products primarily to the construction and agriculture equipment industries. In 1981, a recession in both of these industries nearly shut down this two people company which was run out of the Anderson’s home.

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Andrew Pitsicalis – National Board Member – Purple Haze Properties

Andrew-Pitsicalis-150x150With over 20 years in the Cannabis Industry, from Cultivation, to Production, Sales, Education, Media and Consulting. Mr. Pitsicalis , owned one of the largest high end functional glass distribution companies in the world. With the works of the greatest glassblowers he has distributed these fine works to hundreds of smoke shops and collectors. He was an original partner in, Cannabis travel events, High Times events and has had his Glass Collections and Genetics featured in Cannabis Magazines throughout the years. He is a member of Cannabis Science, a leader in cannabis scientific research as there, brand and licensing director and sit on there policy advisory board. Purple Haze Properties, LLC was founded through a partnership between Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix, blood brother to the legendary guitar icon. Purple Haze Properties, LLC is one of the premiere sources for Jimi Hendrix cannabis related products. They participate in all aspects of the cannabis industry including Licensing, Social, Medical, Music and Entertainment areas.

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Bob Hoban – Regional Board Member – Hoban & Feola

bob-hobanBob Hoban is an AV® Preeminent™ rated attorney and seasoned full-service commercial practitioner. Bob is also Principal and Owner at Solana Business Solutions, which offers comprehensive consulting, management, regulatory, and product solutions services for the entire commercial cannabis industry – serving both THC and CBD business models.

Since, 2009, Bob has been recognized as one of the leading commercial cannabis practitioners nationwide; representing private and publicly-held clients in numerous states and abroad. He has litigated nearly every aspect of Colorado’s Marijuana Code and has closed over 300 marijuana-related business transactions. Marijuana and hemp-based business operations, related litigation and regulatory counsel are a specialty.

Bob is a professor at the University of Denver, in the Law and Society Program, and regularly instructs regarding government regulations, public policy, and research-based policy courses.
Furthermore, Bob has drafted more than 30 bills for the Colorado General Assembly (eminent domain/land use, hemp/marijuana and transportation).

In 2006, he co-founded the Colorado Property Rights Coalition [www.thecprc.org] and is a leading eminent domain practitioner representing landowners and developers in the eminent domain process.

Bob is also involved in renewable energy projects in the areas of regulatory compliance, business structuring, and land acquisition. He is General Counsel to Waunita Power Company, LLC and Pagosa Verde, LLC (both Colorado-based geothermal projects [www.waunitapower.com and www.pagosaverde.com]).

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John Paul – Regional Board Member – Hemp Temps


Hemp Temps is the original, first, and only full service staffing agency focusing on any and all industry staffing needs.  We match dispensaries, kitchens, and grow facilities with experienced temps to assist with their growing, trimming, harvesting, bud tending, packaging, and general industry needs. With a need for more executive positions, Hemp Temps now offers executive placement for industry businesses. Looking to gauge the competition? Hemp Temps offers confidential consumers to do so.

Hemp Temps is a Colorado company based out of Denver with more locations to come. We opened our doors back in 2013 and was voted most Valuable Cannabis Business in 2014 at the

annabusiness awards. We staff all over Colorado with over 150 accounts. We value knowledge, which is why we started an education platform, teaching classes from basic entry level to more advanced courses. We offer education that is hand in hand with job placement.

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Jay Horowitz & Jason Williams – Regional Board Member – e-Cover Me Insurance

regional_board_member_4As the principals of e-Cover Me Insurance, Jay Horowitz and Jason Williams have a combined 45+ years as independent insurance agents.  As the exclusive insurance benefits provider for the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce in the states of Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington, the team at E-Cover Me helps your members find the right insurance plans with the best companies at an affordable price. Their specialty carriers allow members of your industry access to qualified health insurance, hospital indemnity plans, critical illness coverage, accident insurance and life insurance without being penalized for the industry they work in. In addition, they help distributors, growers and other employers in the industry remain compliant with the new Healthcare laws and are developing commercial insurance policies for crop, general liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.

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TechnaGrow – National Board Member

TG Logo_2500w_v1dTechnaGrow offers innovative, sensing and control solutions for the Cannabis industry.  Since 1999 we have been providing control systems for Fortune 500 companies, emergency operations centers, luxury hotels and high end estates.  We have applied this experience to the cannabis industry allowing TechnaGrow to offer a wide range of custom options that help you “Merge Technology with the Art of Growing”. 

Each system is custom designed to your needs with options including sensing, control and automation of climate, lights and irrigation as well as many other options. All systems include email/text alerts and weekly environmental graphs of Humidity, Temperature, CO2 and Vapor Pressure Deficit.  Our systems scale as large as you need no matter how many facilities you have and with 24 hour access from your smartphone, tablet and computer you’re always connected    

(303) 594-7750 



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Stephen Davis – Regional Board Member – Proof Positive Testing


Proof Positive Testing: Proof Positive Polygraph provides polygraph exams for Individuals and Therapists. Our specially trained Examiners provide polygraph testing that is administered in a friendly, low-profile, and “non-accusatory” interview process.

Relationship Repair
Our testing is all about determining truth; as there is no greater freedom for those choosing to prove their changes from a previous behavior or addiction. Distrust is the blockade for relationship repair. The polygraph test can be a very constructive tool to move forward. For many, it can be the voice of truth and a bridge for healing. Often, without having polygraph testing results as evidence, accusations continue and the “offender” becomes the “victim”.

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Stephen Sullivan – Ms. Mary Staffing – Regional Board Member

27f3c04Stephen Sullivan founded Ms. Mary Staffing in 2014 to meet the growing demand of finding quality employees for businesses in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. As business grew Ms. Mary Staffing developed the first full service payroll system to openly work with the industry during a time when financial institutions and payroll providers were turning away businesses operating with cannabis. Today Ms. Mary Staffing is one of the premiere Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) specializing in Payroll Management, Human Resources Consulting, and Recruitment for the marijuana industry. They bring qualified candidates together with exciting employers in the marijuana industry. For employers, they make finding and managing employees easier. Here’s what they do: – Process Payroll – File Employer Taxes – Recruitment and Staffing – Benefit Plans – Workers Compensation – Unemployment Claims – Employee Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks – HR Consulting

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Chris Sorel – Regional Board Member – KindTech

Chris-Sorel-150x150At KindTech, we believe that eliminating cannabis and hemp prohibition nationwide is a moral, ethical and fiscal imperative. We admire the courageous and entrepreneurial spirit so clearly displayed by this new industry and we want to help. Moreover, we believe that your business deserves professional, high-quality IT services, and that your success is tied to the quality and affordability of your IT systems. We’re committed to providing these services at competitive costs so that your business and the industry as a whole can thrive.

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Josh Whitaker – National Board Member

Josh Whitaker national board member

Josh Whitaker is many things, most notably: a fractional marketing executive, serialpreneur, startup addict, and CEO of Team Maryjane.
What is a Fractional Marketing Executive, you ask?

Quite simply, a fractional marketing executive works for a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time executive to fill the position. This is a cost-effective solution for small businesses and start-ups that are in need of expert advice, but cannot afford the salary and benefits it would take to hire another C-level executive. Josh knows a lot about a lot and has decided to take these skills to the cannabis industry. Additionally, he has surrounded himself with a team of amazing individuals who are all specialists in their respective industries, and who are now specialists in the Cannabis space.

At Team Maryjane we take our group of badasses and serve as your outsourced marketing department. We do just about everything, so you don’t have to manage anything.

Team Maryjane – setting the industry standard for marketing your cannabis business.


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Medican Inc – Colorado Board Member

Investing in Evidence-based Complementary and Integrative Medicine can Enterprises Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The Company is at the forefront of wholesale medical marijuana (“MMJ”) production, cultivation, and wholesale distribution of cannabis related products.

Through joint ventures with development partners all over Canada and the United States, Medican builds and operates Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Research Centers—that use cutting edge pharmaceutical and agricultural technologies. Learn more about medical marijuana cultivation.

Uniquely Positioned in the Medical Marijuana Industry
Medican is the industry standard for pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana production, cultivation and distribution

With strong operational experience, a significant focus on R&D, and financial expertise, Medican is strongly positioned capitalize on the medical marijuana market opportunity.

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Nicholas J. Murer – National Board Member – Witlon, Inc.

Nicholas-MurerNicholas Murer is President and Chief Executive Officer of Witlon, Inc which was formed in 2014 to provide administrative services to the legal cannabis industry with payroll management, human resource implementation, accounting solutions, recruiting and staffing, product representation, and construction and maintenance project management in the US and Canada.

Mr. Murer has more than 15 years of professional and technical experience in the energy, engineering and scientific industries, including a substantial background in industrial technical sales, account development, marketing, human resources and recruiting. Mr. Murer studied Accounting and Business Management at the University of Pittsburgh and Organization Development and Human Resource Management from Colorado State University.


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David I. Shiner – National Board Member – Shiner Law Group

David ShinerDavid shiner has achieved an AV Preeminent Rating, Martindale-Hubbell’s highest possible rating for both ethical stands and legal ability. David is a member of numerous Bar Associations and organizations including South Palm Beach County Bar Association, Palm Beach County Bar Association, Palm Beach County Justice Association, and the American Bar Association.

David is a 2002 graduate of the Nova Southeastern School of Law in Florida. David received his undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida, located in Tampa, Florida.

David Shiner has been successfully representing victims for numerous years in all areas of personal injury, motor vehicle accident, and consumer class action litigations. David’s deep knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry has allowed him to assist clients interested in becoming involved in marijuana. As with any legal matter, each case has unique circumstances however, no matter what the legal issues are, David Shiner prides himself on offering the same amount of dedication, knowledge and tenacity towards each case.



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