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New Member Spotlight

Drew Milburn, the CEO of M4 Solutions LLC, didn’t believe in cannabis for a long, long time. He was brought up in the propaganda machine that instilled the idea that marijuana was a very bad thing. So what on earth brought him to being a CEO of a cannabis company?

I’ll get to that.

Drew grew up in Kentucky on a dairy farm. He joined the Marine Corps and sacrificed 12 years of his life in service to his country. Wanting to taste the open road after a string of tours, he got into custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. With the economic downturn of the time, however, he turned back to farming, this time without the cows…read more…

Newest State Chapter:

The Caribbean Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is mandated to promote the required infrastructure for sustainable business development and the future of the cannabis industry. CLICK HERE to Learn more…

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